Disney’s Brave: review

Disney has done another first. A princess movie with no love story or prince charming to save the day. Oh no, this Scottish red head does it all on her own, I have to say she has some pretty cool red curly hair that even I (with my big red curly hair) is jealous of. All of the characters have Scottish accents (and some that I think even the Scots don’t understand) and not in an Americanised way that you would expect.

Brave follows a Scottish princess, Merida, ¬†who is being offered as the bride to one of the clan’s sons, whoever can win in an archery contest. However, Merida decides to change her own fate which doesn’t go exactly the way she expected. As a result she might fight against time to save her mother.

This is Disney at its best, it is epic, funny, a little scary (there is one scene that I jumped out of my seat…then felt a little stupid as the kids around me didn’t).


Image source: Disney Brit Podcast

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