The Hunger Games: Catching Fire book review

First up was The Hunger Games, next in line is Catching Fire, which I might add, I started reading the second I finished The Hunger Games. I also allowed my flatmates to watch four episodes back to back of 24 (I don’t watch it) just so I could finish my book and move on to Catching Fire.

Catching Fire picks up where The Hunger Games left off. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games then don’t read on as I’m afraid this might be a *spoiler alert* for you.

Katnis and Peeta are touring the districts after winning the Hunger Games, when Katniss realises her actions have caused an uprising against the Capitol. Suddenly she finds herself back in the place that she thought she thought she’d never go back to and once again she is fighting for her life.

This time the games are harder and Katniss is more confused by her feelings than ever. But how will it end this time when only one can survive?

This booked gripped me just as much as the first, I must say I haven’t not put down a book like this since the Sookie Stackhouse novels (what True Blood is based on), but I also haven’t read a book as quickly as these (maybe it’s my Kindle and I’m still in novelty reading).

What did you think of Catching Fire, was it as good as the Hunger Games?

Next up, the last edition in the trilogy, Mockingjay.

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