The Hunger Games book review

I was a bit late to the Hunger Games (reading the book just before the film was released, and badly only writing the book review after I have read all three books – but I just couldn’t put them down, so you can see how this review and the ones to come will go).

The Hunger Games, I guess, film wise is being compared to the Twilight Saga, a film review for Hunger Games will also come shortly. But I can tell you that from reading both sets of books they cannot be compared. I’ve always said that Twilight has a great storyline, but it is poorly written, it feels like it is written by a teenager, but not in a way that you can associate with it like with, for example, My So Called Life (I know it’s a TV series but I can currently only think of it as a comparison).

The Hunger Games is set in the future in the nation on Panem where the Capitol leads and the rest of the people are split into Districts where they produce the food, machines, etc for the people of the Capitol. Almost 75 years ago the people of District 13 rebelled against the Capitol and were destroyed. To remind the other Districts that the Capitol introduced some annual entertainment for the nation which was broadcast throughout the Capitol and the Districts (think Big Brother but you are forced to watch it), where a boy and a girl aged between 12 and 18 are chosen to fight to the the death. There can only be one survivor.  And our story begins where we follow Katniss Everdeen has she heads to find out who has been called up to represent her District (12).

From the minute you start reading you can’t put this book down. It is shocking to imagine this kind of world but Suzanne Collins does it beautifully. You feel every moment with Katniss and you want to see where the story will take you next.

Have you read it? What did you think?

Next up is Catching Fire.

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