First look Naomi Watts as Princes Diana

My friend just shared a link to the Yahoo news article on the upcoming Princess Diana movie starring Naomi Watts. Check out the pictures below, what do you think? Personally I think there were others who may have looked the part better (I’m thinking a blonde Kiera Knightley), I have nothing against Naomi Watts personally, but I think the hair is wrong (makes her look old), the make up is wrong (Diana always wore a lot of eye liner) and I just don’t think she has the smile right (Princess Di always seemed to have a humble smile).

We shall see what the film has to offer, will it be the same as the Iron Lady – where Meryl Streep was amazing but the film lacked…anything to keep you watching other than Streep? Who knows, but we will have to wait until February 2013 to find out when Caught in Flight is released.

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