Attack the Block: my review, brap!

So Attack the Block premiered on Channel 4 on Sunday night here in the UK, with very special ad breaks (see my Brandon Generator post) brought to us by Microsoft and Edgar Wright (executive producer of Attack the Block). I’ve not seen the film before but thought it seemed a bit silly. It is, but in a totally brilliant way. It is frickin scary yet packed full with laughs (mostly all the ghetto talk, from bruv, braps… you get me?!

The film is exactly what it says in the title. Aliens invade south London and start to attack a council block. The film is full of the stereotypical characters you’d expect to find in a London council estate, but as this is an alien invasion film there is also the token geek stoner (played by Luke Treadway who I also just found out is not Harry Treadway, star of Cape Wrath but his twin brother, you learn something new every day ) – who else would work out what is going on?!

I won’t go on any more and spoil it for you, but do check out this film if you want to jump, scream and laugh all at the same time.

Picture from Andy Gaudion 93’s blog

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