Edgar Wright’s Brandon Generator makes UK TV history

Now I have previously told you guys about Brandon Generator before, although it is the work of Microsoft which is a client of the company I work for I have still personally chosen to share this news with you as I am a big Edgar Wright fan and well, The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator is awesome and is about to get better, as tonight (Sunday 24 June) it will be shown to the masses (in the UK) as three episodes of Brandon Generator will be screened during the ad breaks of the network premiere of Attack the Block on Channel 4. The episodes will air for 12 minutes in total. So instead of some ad breaks that you wish you could skip, you’ll have another story to watch in between the film.

The episodes of the innovative animated story were created by award-winning director, Edgar Wright and renowned illustrator, Tommy Lee Edwards. Attack the Block was executive produced by Mr Wright so this is the perfect film for the episodes to screen during.

You’ll be able to catch the episodes at 10:20pm tonight on Channel 4. See below if you want  to know a bit more about Brandon Gnerator…

Brandon Generator is an extension of the Beauty Of The Web campaign that launched in April, and showcases the most stunning, visually rich and immersive experiences possible using IE9 and new web standards-based HTML5 technology. It also takes advantage of the unique functionality that Internet Explorer 9 provides, such as the benefit of hardware-accelerated text, video and graphics for smooth performance.

Created as a series of four episodes, the first three can be viewed at www.brandongenerator.com. Shortened versions of these episodes will appear on television screens this Sunday night. Various elements of each episode have been crowdsourced; from the storylines and illustrations to the Mystery Girl in Episode 3. The advertisements will encourage audiences to suggest prose, artwork and leave messages of inspiration for the fourth and final episode via the site.

Narrated by Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh) and with music by David Holmes’ new project ‘Unloved’ (a collaboration between David Holmes, Keefus Green and Jade Vincent), this interactive experience puts the audience centre-stage to help shape Brandon’s world, while being immersed in beautifully rich graphics, noir inspired artwork and world-class storytelling.

The media agency, UM London, chose to feature IE9’s Brandon Generator campaign within a film that  Edgar Wright executive produced, Attack the Block, in order to reach an interested audience in a relevant environment. 3 Monkeys Communications is the lead agency on the campaign and the web development is done by LBi.

The campaign is optimised for IE9, but can also be viewed on other browsers and mobile devices.

Gabby Hegerty, Internet Explorer Lead in the UK, Microsoft, comments: “Showcasing edits of the Brandon Generator story within ‘Attack the Block’, a film executive produced by Edgar Wright will allow us to target a very specific audience by providing more of the things they love: exclusive film content and an immersive experience on the web.

“Our aim for this campaign was to bring together talent from different mediums to create something unique, interactive, beautiful and original that showcases the possibilities of today’s web with IE9. We now want to show that product innovation on the traditional medium that is television. We had to

challenge the behaviours of that platform to both drive cut through and bring the product to life – this is why making what we understand to be television history was important for this campaign. We have put a lot into the creativity of the execution of the campaign, and we wanted to make sure this engaged niche audience experienced it to its full potential.”

Keith Welling, Head of Broadcast Activation at UM London says: “It was important for us to target the campaign at a very specific audience, so there was no better place to showcase the three episodes than the premiere of ‘Attack the Block’, a film executive produced by Edgar Wright. Building on the success of the existing campaign and taking it across different screens into the hands of our audience was a challenge, but we are confident that television will help to step it up a notch and allow us to target more people.”

To watch Episode 3 and get involved, visit www.brandongenerator.com. The fourth and final episode will be launched in July. Use IE9 and pin to your taskbar for the best experience and exclusive updates and content.

Find out more about the project by following Internet Explorer on Facebook.com/InternetExplorerUK and Twitter.com/IE_UK and Brandon Generator on Facebook.com/BrandonGenerator and Twitter.com/Brandon_gen.

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