Edgar Wright’s new project – Brandon Generator

I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright and his films, so when my colleagues at 3 Monkeys told me about this project they were working on I begged them to send me details. If you too are a fan then you will love this project that Edgar has tied up with Internet Explorer on. The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator (which is narrated by The Mighty Boosh’s Julian Barratt) is an interactive experience that puts YOU at the centre stage to help share the noir-inspired series.

Internet Explorer teamed up with Edgar Wright on this project to utilise the functionality of IE9 which boasts hardware accelerated text, video and graphics for smooth performance and the unique pinning and Jump Lost functionality which provides notifications for new episodes, social feeds and unlock exclusive content (we all love a bit of exclusive content!). Brandon Generator is a little bit of everything, a film, a game and an interactive series – what more could you want?!

Edgar Wright says, “What interested me about this project was the chance to work with a mystery co-writer. So I created a character who is creatively stuck and continually looks for random interjections to inspire him. Rapidly it becomes clear that the people who can actually help are the people at home visiting the site. I like the idea of the world forming around Brandon and am excited to connect with people at home in a whole new way, creatively. It’s exciting to know that even though there’s an underlying narrative and set pieces in place, much of the plot is up for grabs. Internet Explorer and various other technical elements make the collaboration possible and the fans will make Brandon’s journey even more interesting.”

Gabby Hegerty, Internet Explorer UK says, “We always wanted to create something truly unique which brings together the best of the creative world and pushes the boundaries of IE9 and HTML5 with all the unique features of pinning, JumpLists and hardware acceleration to create an immersive and visually stunning experience to inspire our users. Edgar and Tommy have thrown themselves into the project and explored the limits of what is currently possible. From the start, we knew that one of the toughest things would be bringing together a dream team with the creative and technical skills necessary to pull off such an ambitious project. Edgar has fantastic experience in crossing the boundaries between film, graphics and animation in his films, and Tommy Lee has a history of creating stunning illustrations across film, games and animation. Both are a perfect fit.”

To watch Episode One and get involved, visit www.brandongenerator.com. There will be four episodes in total between April and June. Use Internet Explorer 9 and pin to your taskbar for the best experience and exclusive updates and content.

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