Avengers Assemble review – best super hero film ever!

I know, a bold statement…and how do I know before the UK and US releases? Well, I was kindly invited by the folks at Marvel to the first ever fan screening of Avengers Assemble (see below picture – I will be framing this later).

Now I’ve always been a Superman fan, but have been thoroughly enjoying all of the recent Avengers films (Iron Man, Thor, Capitan America…maybe Hulk a little bit) so I was extremely looking forward to these super heroes teaming up. Not only that, but I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon (Firefly is one of the best sci-fi TV series ever). I was excited to see what Joss would do with a big budget and boy he didn’t disappoint. Avengers Assemble is full of action and laughs – and no, they weren’t all Tony Stark’s one liners! The storyline, script, humour, drama, special effects, etc, etc all blend perfectly. I also think that Mark Ruffalo was a brilliant Bruce Banner and hope that they revisit the Hulk movies with him. I don’t want to give anything away so no spoilers here, but I promise that this film will not disappoint.

As I’m writing this I’m having an Avengers marathon (starting with Iron Man) to get my fix while I eagerly await the UK release date so I can go and see the film again.

Avengers Assemble is in UK cinemas nationwide on 26th April and in America on 4 May.


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