Fairytales are real: Once Upon a Time review


At last I got to see Once Upon a Time. I know I’ve said this about other shows, but I was most looking forward to the start of this show, Pan Am was another one. But unlike Pan Am Once Upon a Time was everything I’d expected and more.

Once Upon a Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin (Walk the Line, He’s Just Not That in to You) and Jennifer Morrison (House M.D.). Ginnifer plays Snow White who, along with every other fairytale character sent to a place where happy endings don’t exist – out world. They are stuck in time and cannot be rescued until Snow White’s baby returns on her 28th birthday. And this is where the show begins.

This show is really entertaining and a great modern twist on some classic characters and stories.

Next up this week is Grimm, which also premieres this week.



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