House Season 7: DVD Review

House is a show that was always on my list to watch and the season 7 came along and I still hadn’t seen a single episode. Well this summer I decided to change that and started watching the show from the beginning. I bought seasons 1-6 on DVD and then was kindly offered the new season 7 boxset to review! I am now fully up to speed and just started watching season 8.

But back to the season in question in which I was offered the boxset to review. In season 7 we see a very different House, for starters he and Cuddy are finally getting it on! But of course this means that the dynamic of the show has a shift change. We don’t really get to see the House we love and hate really until the season finale (I won’t say anymore than that but it certainly is a big finish).

House season 7 is available now (£22.97 from Amazon).

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