Pan Am has landed

Pan Am is one of the new shows that I have most been looking forward to. I do go on about my love of period dramas. Mad Men was a great new show, the Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey, followed by The Hour then The Playboy Club, the latter of which seems to have had some pretty bad ratings. But Pan Am has true class and style written all over it. Set in 1963 around the stylish Pan American Airways, this show is all about the beautiful air hostesses with their little blue hats and girdles.

Pan Am was the largest international carrier from the late 1920s until the company collapsed in 1991. The show has a few faces that have cropped up in small parts in the odd film or TV show, but the most recognisable star of the show is Christina Ricci. I have to say, I might have built this show up too much in my mind, as it wasn’t as good as I was expecting, nor was the retro-ness of it (only really the first five minutes and the soundtrack). Needless to say, I will still give it a few episodes before making my final descion.

Have you watched it? What did you think?

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