Grey’s Anatomy the drama returns

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the shows that I have most looked forward to returning (especially now there is no more Smallville). And it didn’t disappoint, with a two hour special. Season seven lacked the MerDer drama, in fact there wasn’t very much MerDer action at all…until the final episode. We all know that Patrick Dempsey is leaving at the end of this season, but I really hope that it is on a high (ideally the show ending and all happily ever after) as I just don’t think I could take the end of Meredith and Derek.

Anyway, back to the episode. The episode starts more like ER or┬áCasualty, with the setting the scene with the extras that are about to have an accident rather than straight in to the main characters (I have to say I loved Grey’s Anatomy as it didn’t follow suit of hospital dramas always starting on the patients). A giant sink hole appears in the centre of Seattle, but don’t expect to see the drama we have previously seen with other horrific scenes as there only appears to be two major patients from this accident!

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing what drama Shonda Rimes and her team will be bringing to the table this season.

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