How I Met Your Mother’s legendary return

How I Met Your Mother returned for a legendary hour long episode this week and as always it lived up to expectations. Many people feel it is getting a bit tedious, hitting season seven and yet to introduce the mother, but the episode ends ****SPOILER ALERT*** with a potential mother from the very first season returning. Barney, as always was brilliant, even whilst trying to be a ‘new man’ he still managed to show us the Barney we know and love. But don’t hold your breath for finding out who gets married, as season six ended with Barney’s wedding, and although its there, at the beginning of season seven, and there is a wedding in the first episode…it ain’t Barney’s!

I really hope that the show keeps running for a little longer, however, with ‘older’ Ted talking to his kids in 2030, and the daughter a late teen, Ted needs to ‘meet’ the mother in the next season or two surely?!


Image source: Zap 2 it

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