Hawaii Five-0 Season two premiere

What can I say? Orange just isn’t Alex O’Loughlin’s colour. Oh how I have missed hearing his husky voice – I can’t believe I didn’t even resort to watching Moonlight again over the Summer. Hawaii Five-0 has been the first of Alex’s shows to not only get a full first season, but to get a second season. Ending with Alex, aka Steve McGarrett getting arrested, the show returns with an action packed episode that ends with a twist that I didn’t see coming.

As always there is an excuse to see Alex with his shirt off, and those rather nice tattooed biceps. Don’t fret, he might be a fugitive, but the Danno/Steve married couple banter still continues during the episode and all is back in order  by the end. An interesting introduction to the team however is the casting of another Lost star Terry O’Quinn, who you may know as John Locke. I guess the cast are just missing the island!

The cast of Lost are slowing heading back to the island
Image sources: Entertainment Alley/Daemonstv.com

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