2 Broke Girls – premiere review

2 Broke Girls stars one of my favourite indie actresses Kat Dennings (If you haven’t seen Nick and Norah’s Infinate Playlist you must!) so this was on my list to watch. 2 Broke girls follows a waitress who works two jobs just to get by (yet she has a pretty cool apartment) and a rich kid gone bust who needs a job, roof over her head and a stable for her horse.

When I realised it was a canned laughter sitcom I wasn’t sure if this was exactly what I was expecting. It has the feel of an old-style American sitcom, think early Friends, Cheers or Fraiser. However, at about 10 or so minutes in, just when my friend and I were starting to think this show was ok, but perhaps something that we wouldn’t watch again, the subway scene happened. We’ve all been on the tube where someone doesn’t hold on when the train starts to pull away and you know they are going to come crashing in to¬†you, well this scene is so simple, yet very, very funny (I would just like to add that what happens in this scene has never happened to me!).

The added tally of their savings at the end of the episode adds a little something, I wonder if this figure will be going up every episode, or occasionally down?

Image source: Buddytv.com

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