Henry Cavill’s Superman revealed

Henry Cavill is the talk of social media town today as the first picture of him in the Man of Steel suit has finally been revealed. The infamous Superman suit seems to be a build on the Superman Returns costume. First thoughts? I quite like it. It hasn’t been changed too dramatically like the Tim Burton version we’ve all seen and hated online.

Notice that there’s no kiss curl on Cavill as Superman, but there is as Clark Kent? Interesting that this classic look has been swapped round. As Supers his hair is slicked back, and loose curls as Clark Kent. You’ll also notice there are no glasses on Cavill as Clark, whether this is him ‘as Clark’ or simply walking around on set is unclear…we shall have to wait and see.

But the key thing to note from the Superman costume here is that it clearly shows that Supes is a super-strong being, which is something that Zack Snyder has said he wants to focus on. The way he will do this is to ensure that any action-wise that Superman does will be a visual effect, as let’s face it, if we want to believe that Superman really can do what humans can’t then he needs to be doing exactly that!

Brandon Routh vs. Henry Cavill, who wears it best?

It’s great to finally have something to actually look at rather than just discussing the casting. What do you think of Zack Snyder’s chosen costume?

Source: Screenrant.com

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