The Inbetweeners: movie friends!

When you have a UK TV show that found quotes from its script in the top ten Twitter trends worldwide as each episode premiered in the UK you’d think that something that powerful has to make it to the big screen right? Well the show in particular is The Inbetweeners and yes, the big screen it is most definitely about to dominate. And from the trailer I can see it already looks like it will live up to the television series.

The film follows Will, Neil, Simon and Jay as they head for a boys holiday to the Greek Island of Crete after finishing sixth form. Drunken nights gone wring, check! Embarrassing moments with girls, check! Jay’s inexperienced cockiness, double check! Will’s comic timing, ha ha. And Neil’s robot dancing, oh yes – it’s all here! Check out the trailer below.

What’s your favourite Inbetweeners quote?

The Inbetweeners The Movie will be in UK cinemas nationwide on 19 August
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