Superman Returns doesn’t suck. FACT!

I don’t often link to other blogs, but when I read this I couldn’t but think my mind had been read. So many people give Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns film a bad rep, but for me it was a great film. Yes it had a lot to live up to from the earlier Supes films, but Singer did a good job and Brandon Routh was a brilliant Superman.

This blog does flag what was wrong with the film too, and whilst I loved it there is always going to be something wrong with a film (you can’t please everyone) and I, again, agree with the points here. As soon as I heard that Kate Bosworth had been cast I knew she would not be the Lois Lane we were hoping for. Amy Adams, however in the upcoming Man of Steel is a different story!

I urge you to take a look at this blog to read in more detail the 10 reasons why Superman Returns doesn’t suck:

1. It wasn’t a reboot

2. The origin recap

3. It respected what came before

4. Brandon Routh (need I say more)

5. It had genuine drama

6. The theme music

7. Kevin Spacey

8. The plane sequence (watch the making of to understand the research and detail that went into this scene)

9. The resolution between Superman and Lois

10. It served as closure to the Donner/Reeve series

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