American Road Trip

So this isn’t a post about anything film or TV related specifically, but today I pulled out my journal from my road trip around the states back in 2004 after graduating university.  I went with my friends that I worked at Blockbuster with so I can say that that many films and TV shows inspired our trip and where we decided to stop off on our trip. We started in Boston and went anti clockwise round. This map shows you the route we took, not exactly road by road (as we went off the main roads a few times to cross some extra states). We managed to drive through about 44 states of America.

Key towns and cities for me are: LA, Vegas, New York, New Bern, Rodanthe, Zzyzx, Truth or Consequences, Ipswich (I grew up in the English town of Ipswich in the UK), Blue Earth, New Orleans, Memphis, and of course Boston – the Red Sox won for the first time since 1968 (I think) the year we were there! I could go on and certainly want to go back, but perhaps not the whole trip in one go (there were lots of days of nothing but driving for 10 hours straight!).

When I got back the American tourism board started playing an ad for America based on scenes from films – did we inspire them as the films did us?

Have you ever taken a road trip around America?

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