2011-2012 Season – what to look forward to

So the US networks have announced their Fall season line up and there are quite a lot of new shows. A fair few have been cancelled, some have been saved and others are still sitting on the shelf waiting to find out if they will be pushed into the trash can. But of the new shows to air (and there are a lot) what are the ones that are worth checking out? Well I’ve gone through the trailers for most of them and here are the ones that I think are worth checking out:

From ABC:

Apartment 23 – I’m¬†intrigued by James Van Der Beek playing himself

The River – like most sci-fi shows that have launched since Lost, this starts with a lot of questions

Revenge – a show that follows someone who is not all she seems and out for revenge

Pan Am – Mad Men but sky high

Once Upon a Time – a fairytale story

Charlie’s Angels – the TV series gets a reboot

From FOX:

Alcatraz – another sci-fi from JJ Abrams, expect good things

Terra Nova – if it has Spielberg’s name on it its gotta be good

The New Girl – worth checking out just because Zooey Deschanel is in the lead role

From NBC:

Smash Рa  more adult Glee?

The Playboy Club – more Mad Men style TV

You can see trailers for these and all other Fall premieres on The Voice of TV. What shows are you looking forward to?

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