Smallville – the end

From the very first episode of Smallville I have been waiting for the moment that Clark Kent finally becomes Superman. As the show promised, he would not fly or wear the suit until the final episode, which I agree was a good choice. I hoped, however that they wouldn’t make the final episode a Superman episode, but let the suit become the final scenes of the show…and they didn’t disappoint. Even the Lois and Clark, I wasn’t that keen that Lois and Clark were together before he became Supes and wasn’t fond of the planned wedding either, but again the finale left me (and I’m sure Clark and Lois) happy. With the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel film to bring a new suit into the mix for this final episode wouldn’t have worked, so instead the 2006 Superman Returns suit was used, but we barely see Tom Welling actually in the famous blue tights and I think this worked.

Tom Welling's Clark Kent finally becomes the superhero we know and love

I’m sure along with many fans, this episode has been planned in many heads and is sure to disappoint some people, it did have high expectations after all. Even the return of Lex Luthor brings Smallville to a close, but links perfectly to the opening of Superman’s story that everyone knows. I’ll be watching Smallville again ahead of every other Superman story, from the classic films, Lois & Clark the New Adventures of Superman to The Man of Steel and what ever future Superman tales we will see on small and big screens.

Although I am sad to see the show go, I am extremely pleased with the ending and glad that it made it to an epic 10 seasons to reach this point. I also think it has finished at the perfect time, setting up for the Zack Snyder Superman reboot which is due to be released in December 2012. Although we have over a year to wait to see this film, we’ve already been bombarded with casting news and I expect that the next 12+months will be full of news, from storylines and on set pictures to what the new Superman suit will look like.

Clark Kent has come a long way over the last 10 years

Thank you Smallville for the entertainment over the last decade!

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