Thor: review

This weekend I saw the first of the 2011/2012 epic Superhero movies that I’ve been looking forward to – Thor. My sister (who is a big Alexander Skarsgård fan) was disappointed in the casting of Chris Hemsworth, but when I saw how buffed up he was I new that there was no way that Alex could ever get that bulked up (although he did have rather big arms in season 2 of True Blood). I saw Thor in 3D, and while I highly recommend you go and see Thor, I suggest you save yourself a few quid and just watch the 2D version. There was nothing that made the 3D worthwhile (apart from the end credits).

Chris Hemsworth is brilliant as Thor and this film has definitely set the path for sequels and the Avengers film which the cast, along with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and various other Marvel Comics characters are currently filming. I’ll admit that although I was aware of Thor before the film, I wasn’t all too familiar with the story, but in my opinion this was a pretty good adaptation. The one thing I would like to point out is that Kenneth Branagh seems to have a keen interest in getting as many angled shots in to the film as possible, it’s like trying to count every time someone says ‘actually’ in Love Actually.

I look forward to the announcement of a sequel or two!

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