Superman: Man of Steel just gets better

I’ll already be first in line at the iMAX to watch Superman: Man of steel, but the casting news just keeps getting me even more excited. I’m a big fan of Amy Adams ever since her brilliant Disney comedy performance in Enchanted, so to hear she is the new Lois Lane I already know she is going to be 100 times better than Kate Bosworth (she just annoyed me). Amy Adams will be a brilliant Lois, the Oscar nominated actress has played some brilliant roles recently and she’ll play the perfect Lane to Cavill’s Kent/Superman.

Kevin Costner is signed on as Jonathan Kent too. Now all we need to hear is which villians are going to appear in the film and who will play them. I already hear rumours General Zod will be making an appearance – however Zack Snyder has confirmed that Viggo Mortensen is out of the running to play the part – does that mean the character is out too. I just hope that these Lindsey Lohan rumours are just that and she doesn’t make it to the final cast list.


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