So long Superman, hello Dylan Dog

Brandon Routh had already put Superman behind him with his brilliant roll as Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgim vs. The World, but I’m sure he was secretly hoping that he might get a call from Nolan and Snyder to say he was going to be putting on the tights again. Well just as all his hopes had been well and truly smashed the trailer for his latest comic book starring role has been revealed.

Less of a shiny shiny Superman, Routh is now playing Dylan Dog, a private investigator who’s speciality is the world of the undead. When vampires and werewolves are in their prime, I’m sure this latest comic book adaptation for Brandon is sure to prove popular.

Brandon has also taken fellow sci-fi star and Superman Returns co star Sam Huntington (Being Human US).

Check out the trailer below:


Unlike a lot of people, I enjoyed Brandon’s Clark Kent/Superman and hope that he stays on the sci-fi scene for many film and TV shows to come.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night hits US cinemas on 29th April, the UK is yet to receive a release date.

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