Tom Hardy’s rush for Bane

Tom Hardy has a lot of work to do over the next three months. The method actor has to gain about three stone in weight (and bulk it up into muscle) before filming for Dark Knight Rises starts in May. Speaking on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man last week, Hardy promised us that Bane wouldn’t be as camp as his last outing in Batman and Robin but he will certainly be a big guy.

Hardy has bulked up for a several roles including Bronson and Warrior, the latter is due out in October 2011. But he’s not the first actor on the Christopher Nolan Batman series to do so. Before taking the role of Batman for the first instalment Batman Begins Christian Bale had crash dieted his weight down to 121lbs for his role in the Machinist. He then had six months to add almost double his weight with an extra 100lbs. It seems a lot I know, but the weight he was starting at was extreme for the Machinist so he did I’ve his work cut out for him.

With Hardy still working on another project the BAFTA winner isn’t leaving himself much time to reach his goal.

Image sources: normal nerds/ rocketed altar

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