Smallville: Clark dons glasses

This week Smallville reached episode 14, which means, sob, sob, that there are only 10 episodes left until the very end. With Clark engaged to Lois, her knowing his secret and he’s not even become Superman yet (he still hasn’t flown either) I’ve been wondering how everything is going to come around to the story we know when he dons the infamous suit. Well episode 14 ‘Masquerade’ sees Clark finally realise he needs a disguise. We already know Martha Kent has created the suit for him, which currently sits in the Fortress of Solitude, but in this episode Lois tries to help Clark by adding a hood to his jacket and sunglasses. But unlike other superheroes, Clark realises it’s not his superhero that needs to be the disguise – this is the real him. Clark pulls out a pair of black framed spectacles and plans to change his personality to ensure people don’t ever question that he could be the Blur.

One thing I’ve loved about Smallville over the years is that each season sees Clark experience a new power, and this episode introduced a new power (micro-vision – it’s his power he can call it what he likes!), but the main focus was not learning of the new skill, but the epic move that brings him one step closer to Superman.



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