Film Review: Never Let Me Go

Well if you read my book review of Never Let Me Go you will see that I pleasantly enjoyed the read. As usually happens when you watch a film when you’ve read the book you always end up being a little disappointed, especially as what appears on screen is not always what you saw in your mind. Well I have to say that on this occasion (no I’m not going to say it was better or lived up to expectations) I think it was the fact that I’d read the book and knew the story that kept me watching. The film seemed to skip through the story and one important part, that wouldn’t have added any further scenes to the film, was missed out which affected the association you would have with the ending. It just didn’t feel like anything was happening and I think I would have perhaps been a little bored if I didn’t want to carry on watching to see what they have done to the book. One positive thing I will say is that the performances were beautiful.

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