Shed a tear, Rosenbaum will not return to Smallville

Ever since Michael Rosenbaum announced he planned to leave Smallville after seven years of playing the evil Lex Luthor I always held out hope that he would return for the final season, or at least the final episode which we all new was fast approaching. Then when season 10 was announced as the final season I got excited, “at last he will return”, but alas, after conversations between producers and Rosenbaum he would not return to the first episode so a double was used for the Lex episode. So it was just the last ever, ever, EVER episode to hold out for, and today fans like me have had our hearts broken (and just before Valentine’s day) as it has been sadly confirmed that he will not be returning to our screens one last time as Lex 🙁

I can imagine the constant head shaving was a bore and he didn’t want to return to that, but just one little guest star is all we were asking for! Even Teri Hatcher made an appearance before the end.

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UPDATE: If you’re reading this make sure you check out the updated news on Rosebaum and Smallville here.

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