Is Mad Men no more?

Last year Matthew Weiner hinted that Mad Men’s run would end after it’s sixth season, which although I’d find sad that it has an ending in the near future at least I’d know it would (hopefully) be ending on a high. However, but now the next season’s planning would be up and running, maybe even filming as Mad Men normally hits US screens in the summer. But today I hear that not only has filming not started, or planning for the next season but the show’s creator Matthre Weiner has not signed a new contract nor has the show been picked up for a fifth season! I wonder if the succes of Boardwalk Empire has put a nail in Mad Men’s coffin, although you would expect the success of another period drama to actually show that we need and want Mad Men on our screens. Who knows, but I am keeping everything crossed that I have an update on this story for you all (and me) soon.

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