Being Human is back!

Less than a week after Being Human US hit American TV screens the British original series has returned to BBC3. After the massive end to the last season there have been a fair few of us sitting on the edge of seats waiting for the next season. And it has returned keep up the standard that was set from the very first episode (all be it with different actors). Lacey Turner is one of several well known guest stars (Robson Green also pops up) where she acts like a ghost to Mitchell’s Scrooge. Mitchell heads into purgatory in search of Annie and Lea (Turner, Lacey not Aidan) shows Aidan around his past that he is trying to avoid in order to take him to Annie. Lea also alludes to a possible growing romance between Mitchell and Annie, they’d make a cute couple, but I’m sure many ladies out there will agree they’d rather see Mitchell single and available.

With a new setting of Barry, Wales (inspired by Gavin & Stacey I wonder?) will Being Human be heading in a different direction all together?

Watch this space…

Image source: Huw John/BBC

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