Skin'd A(merican)live


Following my post yesterday about the pilot episode of the US version I also watched the American Skins. This show is almost exactly the same as the original I wonder if they even changed a word in the script. Fine some of the characters names have changed, an the brilliant Maxxie is now a girl and a lesbian, but their personalities and life stories are still the same. It does beg the question why remake it at all if you’re going to produce a carbon copy?

Skins is not your average teen drama, especially compared to those you usually see on US television. By making the show with American teenagers (and like the British Skins they look their age rather than a bunch of 20-somethings playing charters 10 years their junior) I wonder if Skins is accepted by the US if it will mean the death of the usual ‘there’s a moral at the end of this story’ usual teen dramas.

Perez Hilton knows a good show from across the pond when he sees it and has a few thoughts on the US remake. Read what Perez thinks here


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