Being "an American" Human


This evening I watched the US adaptation of Being Human. When I hear that the States buys up British shows I think great, they appreciate the great television that is produced across the pond. But no, they decide it’s too hard for Americans to relate to a full British cast (with British accents, as let’s face it most US shows recently have lots of Brits in them) and remake them. Some remakes have been good (not as good, but not far off) like The Office. But others have been bad like Queer as Folk.

But back to my thoughts on Being Human US. There are a fair few things that are different. For starters, George, Annie and Mitchell are called Josh, Sally and Aidan and the Bristol setting has moved to Boston. Also Josh and Aidan are nurses rather than orderlies.

One thing I do like (and I always like to find a Superman reference!) is that it stars Sam Huntington who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns and Sam Witwer (did I mention they both have great names too?) who played Doomsday in Smallville.

The pilot episode starts off pretty similar. Identifying Josh is a werewolf and Aidan is a vampire, flat hunting and meeting their female ghost roomate. From a recent article I read in SFX magazine (January issue) they plan to stick to how the show started and see where it goes from there. I do however wonder why a vampire would decide to be a nurse – at least Mitchell didn’t have to get that close to the temptation. As much as I enjoyed Sam Witwer in Smallville I do have to point out that he is no where near as hot as Aidan Turner’s dark and brooding Mithell.

Oh and also to point out fellow sci-fi TV regular Mark Pelligrino (Lost’s Jacob and Supernatural’s Lucifer) plays vampire/cop Bishop that I’m guessing is the US version of Harrick.


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