Anne Hathaway & Tom Hardy are new Batman villains

There were rumours flying around that Anne Hathaway would be playing Lois Lane in the new Superman film and as a Hathaway fan I would have welcomed this. However news announced today that Anne Hathaway is to join Christopher Nolan’s other project Batman 3 as the sexy black suited villain Catwoman. I actually think Hathaway as Catwoman is far more exciting than Lois Lane. We’ve always seen Anne play the American sweetheart role (excluding Rachel Getting Married), so to see her as Catwoman, the role played by both Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

Joining Anne on the dark side of Batman 3 is the brilliant Brit actor Tom Hardy. Although Hardy has been attached to Batman: The Dark Knight Rises since the end of 2010, his name has been attached to various roles, but today we can stop questioning as it’s official that he will become the evil Bane. Hardy has already worked with Nolan on last year’s brilliant (and BAFTA nominated) Inception.

Christopher Nolan said: Tom Hardy, Nolan said, “I am delighted to be working with Tom again and excited to watch him bring to life our new interpretation of one of Batman’s most formidable enemies.”

The Dark Knight Rises is expected to be released on 20th June 2012.

Source: Total Film
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