Josh Groban is God…

…are the words that my sister included in her email when she sent me a link to this hilarious video of Josh Groban on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I remember Josh Groban when he was on Ally McBeal way back in 2001, but until recently I’ve just seen him as one of those guys that appeals to mums. But his two recent appearances on Never Mind the Buzzcocks have shown that he is VERY GOOD at being funny and isn’t afraid to make himself the centre of the joke. Think back to his first appearance when he threw his album over his shoulder and told the sons and daughters of Britain to not buy his album for their mothers!

Well Josh has done it again, this time by creating a joke commercial for his fake new album “Josh Groban’s Best of Kanye West’s Tweets”. Here is the video for you to enjoy.

Do you have any other classic Groban moments?

Picture source: joshgrobanperu

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