The Cape: my verdict

I’m a sucker for comic book adaptations, so when I heard that ER‘s Aussie doctor David Lyons was signing on to place the caped crusader that is Vince Faraday I got a little bit excited. With Smallville ending this year I’m in need of a new superhero show to enjoy on the small screen as I patiently wait for the next Spiderman, Batman, Superman and Avengers movies.

And I can safely say that I think I have found my show! The Cape (the actual cape as well as the man) and it is packed full with well known sci-fi stars such as Summer Glau and a couple of Brits you may know as Vinnie Jones and James Frain.

I hope this is a show that not only makes a full season, but has a long future ahead of it, perhaps Smallville’s epic decade is a long shot, but who knows!

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