Counting down to Bad News

Were you one of the many people that watched Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother and wondered like mad what the numbers counting down were all about? Or were you like me, not paying that close attention (as it was late and you were tired) and didn’t notice until 10 on Robin’s jacket, 9 on the doctors file, etc (the numbers started at 50 so yes I was a little slow). Well, if you didn’t know *SPOILER ALERT* the numbers were counting down to what was the title of the episode and can only be described as Bad News. Yes sadly after hearing good news that he can father a child, Marshall found out from Lilly that his father had passed away 🙁

Execs on the show have revealed that this episode and storyline was planned from the start. The first 12 episodes were leading up to this moment and we can expect the next 12 to follow this moment.

I have to admit this episode had me balling my eyes out – Grey’s Anatomy style at the end. I hope that this is the last time HIMYM makes me cry as I have plenty of other viewing for that!


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