The Season of Nic

Happy New Year to all. Today I am happy as my favourite TV shows are slowly but surely making their way back to the small screen after the long Christmas break. But I am also happy because there is lots to look forward to on the big screen with a jam-packed year full of exciting films (some adaptations of childhood classics that I hope aren’t ruined, e.g. Yogi Bear and Smurfs). Such films as Transformers 3, X-Men First Class, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, The Green Hornet,  Captain America, the final Harry Potter and Scream 4. Ok, I’ve picked out some of the sci-fi films to look forward too, but there are others that don’t fit into this category, the biggest I’m looking forward to is The Hangover 2!

To kick-start the 2011 line up is Nicolas Cage’s new film – Season of the Witch (if he’s in it, I’m watching). Now I haven’t seen the film yet so I’m afraid I can’t tell you if it is worth watching, but Cage is known for his brilliant performances but does pick some odd films/roles. From the trailer (see below) this film looks interesting…

Watch this space for a review.

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