Smallville Christmas break recap

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Prince William and Kate announced their engagement and now they have been followed by Lois & Clark! The last time this happened in The New Adventures of Superman: Lois & Clark the show flopped. Luckily Smallville is on it’s final season, and as well know when Clark becomes Superman he follows Lois round like a lost puppy, but she is too in love with Superman to notice. So I expect Lois knowing Clark’s secret and the engagement is will not be lasting until the end of the season.

So we are 11 episodes in to the final season of Smallville, and now have to wait until January 28 for the next episode and there’s a lot hanging in the air. Not just the engagement, but Watchtower is closed Clark and his fellow heroes have gone underground and Chloe sent a parcel to Lois so she may also be back on the scene too.

Now to enjoy the Christmas entertainment until the show’s return.

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