Sonic Screwdriver FOR REAL!

News announced today reveals that
Doctor Who’s infamous tool could soon be part of every mans tool
kit. OMG I hear all sci-fi cry (like me), I could soon own my very
own Sonic Screwdriver?! Well, Ultrasonic engineers at Bristol
University and The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair
are uncovering how a real life version of the fictional screwdriver
– which uses sonic technology to open locks and undo screws – could
be created. Professor of Ultrasonics, Bruce Drinkwater, who is
working with The Big Bang to inspire young scientists of the
future, says the answer lies in ultrasonic sound waves. By
operating the waves at frequencies way beyond the realms of human
hearing, they can be used to apply forces to objects. The
technology is already being trialled in modern manufacturing to fix
parts together and ultrasonic force fields are being developed
within the medical field to separate diseased cells from healthy
cells. Professor Drinkwater and The Big Bang team are now exploring
whether super powerful versions of these sound beams could bring
Doctor Who’s iconic device to life. Anyway, I won’t confuse you
with ALL the details, if you want to know more then book your
tickets for The
Big Bang
at the ICC London ExCeL from 10 – 12 March

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