From A to Lost

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for the ultimate Lost fan, but can’t afford the complete boxset? The look no further as the Lost Encyclopedia is what you need! Of course I only use Christmas as an excuse, most of you reading this post will be wanting this book for yourself rather than someone else. In that case, if like me you constantly need answers whilst watching a show (I have a Superman encyclopedia for Smallville and Superman movies!) then the Lost Encyclopedia will just be an excuse for you to go back and watch the entire series with the answers to all those questions in your hands.

As with all encyclopedia’s this is an easy to navigate book, simply turn to the index at the back, look up what you are looking for, be it Sawyer or black smoke and viola, every page where that character, thing, etc is metioned will be displayed. In fact there are over 400 pages of facts and images on characters, items, locations, plotlines, relationships and of course mythologies. I’ve tried to catch it out, but honestly I think everything you could possibly wonder is in this book.

Now all I need to do it read it from cover to cover and hopefully all those questions that never got answered in the show will become clear!

The Lost Encyclopedia is authored by Paul Terry, Editor of Lost: The Official Magazine and Tara Bennett, editor of the US edition of SFX magazine and is available from all good and DK.

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