The truth is out

So something major happened in Smallville this week. Clark told Lois his secret (not that she didn’t already know), but what does this mean for the future Lois and Clark that we know? He can’t fly yet, we haven’t seen him in the suit and he certainly doesn’t have the name Superman yet, but Lois already knows his secret. As Lois prepared herself to tell Clark she knew he was the Blur (and Clark contemplated telling Lois the truth) I expected that as Lois had become possessed by goddess Isis that he memory would be wiped and the secret would remain a secret… I was wrong.

But, I hope that at some point (hopefully soon) Lois will somehow forget that Clark is the Blur, as let’s face it, that would be completely going off track of Superman and remember when they did that in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman? The show sadly went downhill as Clark’s secret was part of what kept the show going. If all the main characters in Smallville know who Clark is (and the fact that Oliver has revealed his identity to the world) I can’t see how that is going to help Clark to become Superman & Clark – two different people.

I’m sure the writers have something planned, I just hope we don’t get to the end of the season with the epic finish that we know is coming and Lois still knows who the Blur…as Superman is.

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