I guess you're stuck with…Melissa & Joey

As a kid I loved Blossom and her dumb big brother Joey (I was a little young at the time to be into boys but still he was cute), then as a teenager I really enjoyed Clarissa Explains It All, I had a young sister so I could also get away with watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, even though I was a little over the age of being able to justify it as my preferred choice of entertainment after school. So when I saw a TV film a last year starring these two people (Joey not Blossom) I thought I’d give it a go.

Joey was still hot, but without the hair (he has a very strange hairline and constant 6 o’clock shadow on his head (not sure is if there is a term for that on your head) so should really just grow the hair out… Sorry, getting back to my point, but the film My Fake Fiancé was not so hot. So when I saw a new sitcom called Melissa and Joey starring these two 90’s TV stars I wondered how would put them together again after such a bad film. Especially one where Melissa is looking after her sister’s teenage kids and hires Joey (who worked for the kids dad until he lost all his money) as the nanny?!

But, watching this sitcom has made me remember why I loved these two in the first place. They are both brilliant comedy actors. Put them together, throw in a little chalk and cheese and Melissa and Joey is quite a light entertaining show.

The show is pulling in a steady audience on ABC and has apparently been signed on for an additional 10-12 episodes, so as the title song sings “I guess you’re stuck with me” – now you get the blog title right?!

Oh and before I forget, as I usually do I directed myself to the greatest website to have ever been evented that is IMDB and looked up Joey Lawrence to see what he has been doing for the last 15 years…and to see how old he is as you know teenagers in American shows are always played by 20-somethings. I was shocked to see that Mr Joey Lawrence was but 14 years of age when he played Joey Russo. Now is this the face (and body) of a 14 year old? I ertainly never went to high school with any boys that looked like this.

If you’re looking for something to watch while the other shows start to take their usual Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then mid season…you get the idea breaks, then I recommend Melissa and Joey as something you should check out.

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