Another brilliant Mad Men season finale

Yesterday I watched the season 4 finale of Mad Men, and like the last three seasons it didn’t dissapoint. This show just keeps getting better and better. And, this finish had people expecting a bigger focus on little Sally Draper, but the **spoiler alert** announcement was that Mr Mad Man himself Don Draper was ready to settle down again, and not with a certain blonde we’ve seen him with for most of the season. Betty also seemed to finally realised she’d let go of a good one, even if he did cheat, drink and smoke to much, work long hours, lie about his identity, etc – you get the idea!

Mad Men is one of those shows I got into late. I missed the pilot on TV and when that happens I decide I will get round do it, then suddenly its starting its fourth season and I’m yet to see the first episode. But I have at last caught up, having now seen all four seasons. And I cannot wait for the next. So much so in fact that I have throwing a Mad Men themed birthday party for my self, sadly I do not think this is an original thought as the inspiration came from this picture below:

I shall share pictures of the creative fancy dress costumes that appear at my party. But until then this will be it on Mad Men…for now. Oh what will I do without the amazing fashion and style that has shaped this seasons trends? Just look in the high street shops I guess!

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