200 episodes to greatness

This week Smallville‘s 200th episode aired on the CW network. Titled ‘Homecoming’ the episode saw Clark visit his past, take a closer look at his present and a sneaky look at his future. Focusing on Clark’s high school reunion I was hoping to see a few more familiar faces, obviously Chloe and Lana weren’t going to make an appearance, but I at least thought that Pete would appear.

Still looking back through classic scenes that have shaped who Clark is at present was well presented, but the most exciting part was seeing Clark meet his future self, the true Clark Kent that we know and love, and Tom Welling proved that he can play this Clark brilliantly. Sadly I have been unable to find a picture of this but I did find this video:

What this episode reminded me is all the things that Clark has learnt along the way and how we have been there to experience them with him, from learning he can lift heavy things to getting x-ray vision, it has been an epic journey and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

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