Here come the Men in Black (again)

Men in Black was a fun family sci-fi film. Correct. But for me it was the film that started my love of sci-fi and shaped my decision for what to study at university.  Highlighting the fact that the ‘Government’ could have the technology used in the film to wipe our memories, therefore making us oblivious to aliens living amongst us may seem far stretched, but who knows, considering this technology ‘wipes’ the memories of the public we would never know if this is happening or not.

This film made me realise that a popular entertainment film can deliver messages about the world, politics, science and more. From this I went on to study media studies specialising in digital media and science fiction.

Now Men in Black 3 is set to be released in 2012, a full ten years after the first instalment and news released last week highlighted that Emma Thompson is in talks to star in the next film in the trilogy.
And ten years on I might not be working in film or sci-fi specific for that matter, but here I am blogging about it and my passion for the subject is stronger than ever.

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