Bring on the classics

Left: Lois & Clark’s man eater Cat Grant, Right: Smallville’s innocent version

Smallville‘s final season may only be two episodes in, but it is already promising to be the epic send off to a decade look at the early years of a comic book great. Episode two brought us Cat Grant, and a very different Cat Grant from the one portrayed in Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman. Looking at all of the female characters that have appeared alongside Clark in the past ten years this Cat work perfectly, rather than throwing in a character that is going to chase down Clark until she gets her man, we are seeing someone who is just looking out for her family and using her work to deliver her message to the masses.
But next week’s episode sees the return of one of the greatest characters in the Superman story, that of his cousin Kara, aka Supergirl. This will be an interesting episode so early on in this season, as Laura Vandervoort revealed that she teaches Clark something he cannot do yet. And we all know what that one thing Kara can do that Clark can’t is…

Going back to episode two briefly we also saw a new look for Clark as the blur, a brilliant red leather jacket, moving Clark one step closer to the famous suit Jor-El currently has locked away at the Fortress of Solitude.

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