And so the end begins

When I first read in one of my sci-fi magazines 10 years ago that a TV series about Superman’s early years I thought that would be an interesting concept for a show. Little did I know that it would shape my love for all things Superman and my passion for sci-fi grow. Why do I love Smallville? It’s not just the storylines and characters, but the little details from how they use colours, what Clark wears (he started in red/blue flannel shirts, wearing white when he lost his powers and black when he became ‘bad Clark’, slowly moving into solid red or blue t-shirts with a blue or red jacket) and of course the amazing special effects.

This week the final ever season premiere of Smallville aired, marking the start of the end. And what a brillaint start it was, if you refer to my review of the season nine finale you will recall I was excited by the glimpse of the Superman costume through Clark’s eye, well in this episode you actually see it for yourself. If you’ve seen Superman Returns then you will have seen a very similar costume. This episode also saw a return from Jonathan Kent and Lex Luthor (but not Michael Rosenbaum).

I can’t wait to see every episode of this season leading up to the epic finale when, I hope and expect Clark Kent to wear the suit and fly off to become the infamous Superman we all know and love.


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