This Ain't Some Funny $#*!

I’m a bit fan of the shitmydadsays Twitter, so when I heard it was being made into a TV show I was really impressed how social media has managed to take that next step to the screen. My worry however came when I started to spot that it was being called (in print) $#*! My Dad Says, here in the UK it would just be printed as Shit My Dad Says. Wait, it gets worse. When I saw the trailer and the voiceover called it Bleep My Dad Says I thought if they can’t even say the title how the hell are they going to take the Twitter content and turn it into a sitcom?

So I’ve watched the pilot episode, and perhaps if you haven’t seen Justin Halpern’s Twitter feed about things his father says you might find the show funny, but I didn’t. Perhaps as a fan of the cult Twitter feed I had high expectations, but it just didn’t grab me and the jokes just weren’t funny. Saying that however, I never one to give up so easily, I will be watching the next episode or two and will let you know if my thoughts change. At the moment though I’d say if you want entertainment in the form of a foul mouthed father, then just check out Twitter.

If you’ve seen it I’d love to know what you think.


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