The Trauma Continues at Grey's Anatomy

One of the season premiere’s I have most been looking forward to has at last arrived! Following the epic season six finale of Grey’s Anatomy (after the season five ending which I thought could not be topped the season six was a real shocker) this opening episode is of course mellow while we see how each of our favourite surgeons are coping with the trauma they went through. All of course are coping in very different ways.

But it seems the gunman has helped to bring things back to how they were, the right chief is back, will Meredith become all dark and twisty again, or is that who Lexie will become? I think Shona Rimes is giving us a soft welcome back, but I expect it won’t be long before we are hit with some brilliant and unexpected drama again.

Right now for Private Practice. If this is a show that you are yet to start watching, you must. One thing that makes these two shows better than they could possibly be is when they cross over. The work for those who only watch one show, but for those who watch both they give you soooooo much more!


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