Alex O'Loughlin finally finds his calling

I have finally had the chance to watch the Hawaii Five-0 premiere and what a great opening episode it was. Now I admit I’m a big Alex O’Loughlin fan (from his days on Moonlight – like all fans I’m still hoping that one day it will come back), so I was always going to approve of the leading man, but I think Scott Caan also plays a brilliant Det. Danny Williams to Alex’s Det. Steve McGarrett. He is funny to Alex’s ‘sexy’ and they make a great double act. It’s also great to see Daniel Dae Kim, if he hadn’t already with Lost I guess he has certainly set up a permanent home now on the island now!

I’m pleased that with over 14 million viewers in the US on the first night, it looks promising that Alex O’Loughlin has finally been cast in a show that won’t get cancelled before its time (Three Rivers excluded). And with his success in The Back-Up Plan could he also have a popular movie career on his cards too?

I look forward to watching the next episode and hope that the ratings continue to dominate Monday nights.


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